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Portillo Chiropractic for Lasting Results

Dr. Juan-Carlos Portillo

Dr. Juan-Carlos Portillo

Even if you’ve tried chiropractic before, you’ll notice things are different at Portillo Chiropractic. With more than thirty years of experience, Willow Glen Chiropractor, Dr. Juan-Carlos Portillo is helping patients obtain real relief that lasts for the long term.

In fact, we believe that chiropractic adjustments are just the beginning. Removing nerve interference helps get your body functioning properly, but your health has several components – structural, nutritional, and mental or emotional. Dr. Portillo differs from many other chiropractors because he works to address all aspects of your health to help you see better results that truly last.

Beyond the Spine

If you aren’t fueling your body properly, or if your body can’t adequately digest your food, you won’t be getting the nutrients your body needs to fight off tension-inducing stress. Chiropractic adjustments help, but they can’t be truly effective without eliminating unwanted stress through proper diet. This is why Dr. Portillo places such a strong emphasis on digestive health. At Portillo Chiropractic, we look beyond your spine to bring you optimal health.

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If you are ready to change the direction of your health and to be an active participant in your own healing, we invite you to get to know us by browsing our site. We’re ready to start you on your journey toward better health! Contact our office today to schedule your first appointment.

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